SKILLED INDIA MISSION was launched by the Green India International Foundation  (GIIF),  in April 2012. It is completely self aided project. The Mission aims at creating efficient and effective institutional platforms of the rural poor women and youth enabling them to increase household income through sustainable livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial services. The main aim of this project is to enhance the quality of life of women and youth through increased knowledge and skills. The Foundation also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient.The women and youth need vocational training or skills also to uplift their status. through this project we provide self employment, skill and vocational training in various fields according to need & demand of the market. After conducting vocational skills training, assistance will be provided for establishments of self employment unit and small scale units of their own as well as placement services to the deserving women. Under the project We are running skill development and self employment training centers at village level in various district of Uttar Pradesh, where we educate and train women and youth. After getting training from our centers they can find a good job or can start their own self employment unit or business.The centers operates from 10 am - 4pm from Monday to Saturday.Each batch of around 30-35 trainee. At the end of the training, exams are conducted and the trainees are certified from the organization.

Activities at our centers

At our centers we are conducting various activities for the betterment of the trainees, so that they can live a healthy wealthy and happy life. our centers are involved in the activities like:


Vocational & Skill training : at our centers we provide vocational & skill development training, After completing the course, some of the trainees are able to open small business units at home and earn money and few trainees took up jobs.


Health Awareness: After sessions conducted on health awareness, the trainees are now aware of the importance of hygiene and the health problems.


Disciplined Lifestyle: The attendance system, exams, cleaning the class room by taking turns and the class room environment makes the trainees lifestyle more disciplined.


Tolerance: Every batch has trainees from various communities. Working together in such an environment makes the trainees tolerant towards people of various sectors and mindsets.


Confidence to think and share the ideas.


Teamwork: Some team activities like establishing stall , completing school uniform order , celebrating teachers day, picnic were organized by the trainees themselves.

Success Story

women and youth trained in our centers are doing job or business related to their training field and earning a good income. some of them setting up their own small scale unit and  giving job 8 to 10 other person. The best part of this achievement is not that they are earning money but the confidence that they can stand on their own feet and support their family.