Green India Achiever Award, now is a country-wide search to identify young achievers in different spheres of activity. The Award was instituted in 2013 by GREEN INDIA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, with the objective of recognising and encouraging the efforts of young achievers in INDIA. The selected individual or team receives a certificate and trophy.


Each year we run the Green India Achievers Awards, an opportunity for exceptional young volunteers to be commended for their amazing achievements in the arts, sport, community, business,social awareness,education,de-addiction,crime control, Entertainment and the environment sectors. The award is judged by people and experts in each field, who look for evidence of individuals' personal growth, leadership and community impact.

Who qualifies for Green India Achiever Award?

The achievers can be male or female, an individuals or team. Interested person can apply directly or be nominated by others. The only restriction is that candidates are between 20-60 years of age and residents of India.

What are the areas of activity?

The areas include community service, social work, agriculture, environmental awareness, communication, film, fine arts, literature, music, dance, theatre, sports, science, innovation, entrepreneurship, sports,education,de-addiction,crime control etc.

The Selection Criteria

A jury of eminent persons, from different walks of life, will evaluate the short-listed entries. The most important yardstick for selection is obviously the actual achievement. However, the jury also considers what it took to achieve the goal, the applicant’s commitment to his or her field of endeavor and evidence of a continual pursuit of excellence.The selection for the award are made from the applications received from the applicants with needed recommondations and suporting documents.


Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend a personal interview with some or all jury members in Head Office of The Foundation, at which they will be required to make a short presentation about their achievements. The jury will make its final recommendations based on this personal interview. Results will be announced at an Awards Ceremony conducted in Sitapur. 

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